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Yat Güverte

M  Y  C 

Serve for your valuable yachts

MYC Yacht; established to serve yachts and ships, is ready to be a solution partner in your projects with the new products it has added and will add to its structure.  

Sea-Line yacht paints,

Fendwrap surface protection equipment, 

Sika Marine Flooring systems and Polyurethane based artificial teak solutions, 

Resimac surface patching and repair fillers, 

Hempel and International yacht paints, 

Barattiprop silicone propeller and underwater light coating, 

Teknos yacht furniture and deck varnish solutions, 

De-Angelo Exhaust Systems & SCR solutions, 

Rotorswing Zero-Speed stabilizer systems,

B2 Marine  active generator load bank,

Turkish Hafex brand aerosol fire extinguishing systems, 

Seabee brand marine life safety equipment,

Beverage enzyme solutions,

We are always with you in your projects....

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